4 Workouts To Improve Basketball Performance

June 29, 2023by dritschlermedia0

The best athletes in the world are always training, and to be successful, you need to train like them! Luckily for you, there are many different workouts that can help improve basketball performance and make you a better athlete overall. This blog post from Built 4 It Athletics is going to cover four of these workouts that can help take your game to the next level.


Line hops are a great way to improve conditioning and foot speed. They do not take much time or equipment, but will greatly increase your athletic ability in the long run. Line hops may look like small movements here — and they are! However, if you perform these often enough (several times every day), it is very possible for those movements to add up and make you faster on the court.


Lateral skater jumps are a great way to improve your lateral movement on the court. They mimic the same type of movement that you would make when jumping sideways to avoid someone or pass them the ball. By doing these often, you can increase your ability to stay in front of your opponent and keep them from scoring easily.


Bulgarian squats are a great exercise for improving strength in the legs, balance, and explosiveness. Not only will they help you on the court by making your movement more explosive, but they can also keep you out of injury trouble off the court too!


Defensive slides are a great exercise to improve your movement and footwork on the court. They help you change direction faster, which is very important for basketball players since they have to turn so often when running up and down the court. These also work on balance too, and can help keep you from tumbling over!


These workouts are a great way to improve basketball performance and overall athletic ability. When combined with other basketball drills, these can make you a better player! If you want to bring your basketball game to the next level, you can contact Built 4 It  to train with one of our coaches who will help you improve your game skills!

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