4 Knee Exercises You Should Be Doing Post-acl Surgery

June 29, 2023by dritschlermedia0

There’s no doubt that the ACL recovery process after surgery can feel intimidating. The good news? At Built4It, we’re here to provide you with the knee physical therapy assistance you need to get back to 100%. Of course, part of getting better is knee exercise, and that’s why we’re sharing four of the best ones you should be doing post-ACL surgery below.


Start by sitting on the floor and wrapping a towel around the sole of your foot. Hold onto each end of the towel, then start pulling your toes towards yourself. Do this twice, for 30 seconds each time. This helps to build your strength back in your knee.


For this exercise, you’ll once again sit down and wrap a towel around your foot. It’s best if you do this exercise up against a wall. Next, start sliding your foot back, using the towel to help guide your legs. Make it a point to bend your knee as much as you’re able, hold the pose for 5 seconds, and slide your foot back. Do each slide 10 times.


Sit on the edge of a table, letting your legs hang down. Cross your uninjured leg under your ankle and use it to straighten out your leg before using it to lower your leg, letting it bend as far as possible. Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat up to 10 times.


While sitting down, put your heel on a towel on top of a smooth surface. Pull your heel back towards your body, bending your knee in the process. Do this 20 times (or more if possible).


Of course, the most important thing you can do for ACL recovery is work with our knee physical therapy team. We’ll demonstrate each of these techniques and more to ensure that your recovery comes along perfectly. Contact us today!

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